Join the community of businesses taking action on climate change in Southwark

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The Southwark Climate Collective will enable and empower a community of 160 businesses to reduce carbon emissions.

They will be set an emissions reduction target to achieve within a 12 month timeframe.


Increase the energy efficiency of your business to lower energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions and save on bills.  


Boost your recycling rate to improve your waste streams, reduce carbon emissions and save on waste collections.


Evaluate how goods are transported to and from your business, with recommendations for reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality and driving cost savings. 

Supply Chains

Optimise your supply chains to reduce carbon emissions and procurement spend,  through consolidation and localisation of suppliers.

Once your business has chosen its preferred programme stream, you will receive the following support: ​

Technical review and baseline of business operations as per programme stream.

Recommendation report
Summary of the audit with recommended actions tailored to each business to be able to achieve the programme stream target.

Business dashboard
Interactive dashboard for businesses to monitor their progress against their programme stream target.

Three trainings
Relevant sessions to support businesses to adopt recommendations for carbon emissions reduction.

Three network events
Opportunities for knowledge sharing, peer-to-peer learning, and the creation of new connections between businesses across Southwark.

Carbon Literacy training
Upskill your business more broadly on emissions targets and reporting.

Net Zero Toolkits
Cohort-wide learnings from Southwark Climate Collective to share amongst businesses including those involved and a wider business community to ensure learnings and experience can be rippled out to create a greater impact.

Celebration event
Championing the businesses achieving their target with Mayor of London recognition

Programme timeline