Join the community of businesses taking action on climate change in Southwark

eligibility criteria

Who can take part in the Southwark Climate Collective?

The Southern Climate Collective is open to...

Southwark businesses

Micro, small and medium-sized businesses
(0-250 employees)

Owners, owner-occupiers, building managers and tenants

All sectors, organisations and building types

Your commitment

Businesses will be able to select their preferred programme stream. Each programme stream has 40 places and will operate on a first-come first-served basis.

Each programme stream will have criteria a business must meet to be able to take part. This will be assessed during the onboarding process and a business will be placed in the programme stream best fit for their business.

Participating businesses must be able to:

  • Nominate a project lead to represent the business in the Southwark Climate Collective
  • Commit to taking part in the programme over the course of 12 months and working towards their given target.
  • Understand their business operations to be able to provide information for the audit (i.e. access energy meters; know who their waste supplier is)
  • Make changes to their business operations or have decision-making powers to implement recommendations

Expectations of participant businesses:

  • Join community of businesses taking part in the Southwark Climate Collective
  • Complete onboarding
  • Attend the audit
  • Pursue recommendations made to achieve their carbon emissions reduction target
  • Attend training and network events when able
  • Provide feedback on participation

Businesses will be supported by a key contact throughout their participation in the Southwark Climate Collective. The contact will support the business as best they can to get the most from the programme.