Join the community of businesses taking action on climate change in Southwark

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Our top websites for supporting SMEs in London on their sustainability journey. 

Southwark Council Net Zero 2023

Explore Southwark Council's climate strategy and action plan for a glimpse into their sustainable future roadmap. Discover how the council, in collaboration with the community, is dedicated to safeguarding our planet.

UN SME Climate Hub

The UN SME Climate Hub is a global project helping small to medium-sized companies tackle climate change and future-proof their businesses. When you join, your efforts to cut emissions get you in on the United Nations' Race to Zero campaign. Grab free resources, toolkits, and case studies to kickstart your green journey.

London Net Zero Carbon 2030

London's Mayor, Sadiq Khan, aims for the city to go net zero carbon by 2030 with a focus on fairness. The net zero journey prioritises addressing the risks—overheating, toxic air, and flooding—that disproportionately affect lower-income residents. Learn more about the roadmap and plans for energy-efficient homes, cleaner air, and new green job opportunities resulting from swift action.

Grow London

London has long been a global mover, leader and innovator, and when it comes to tackling the pressing issue of climate change, the UK capital is already getting to work. Supported by the Mayor of London, access one-to-one business support and discover the businesses driving London's sustainable future.

ReLondon Circular Economy

Switching to a circular economy is a win-win for both businesses and the planet, and ReLondon is your go-to guide. Explore the circular economy and discover the perks it can bring to your business.

City Bridge Foundation – Capital funding for building works

City Bridge Foundation is offering capital grant funding of up to £150,000 for retrofits, available to charities. Works could include insulation, solar panels, heat pumps, energy efficient lighting systems and more. Contact for more info.

Groundwork – VCSE Energy Efficiency Scheme

Groundwork’s VCSE Energy Efficiency Scheme invites VCSEs to apply for capital grants of up to £150,000 – to be used to install energy efficiency measures. Check the eligibility criteria and application process here.