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Our 'how to' guides

A selection of handy explainers and practical tips to help you on your sustainability journey.

Smart Meters

This guide covers how smart meters work, benefits, eligibility and installation.

Net Zero

This guide explains how Net Zero is defined, in the context of your business / building, and steps towards achieving this.

Heating and cooling

This guide covers how to manage your building’s temperature more efficiently.


This guide includes tips on optimising usage of lighting in your workplace.

Finding a competent contractor

This guide includes tips for finding a competent contractor to help you achieve energy reduction safely and effectively.

Engaging your landlord

This guide includes tips for constructive dialogue with your landlord.

Energy Walkabout

This guide explains what an energy walkabout is, and why it's a useful habit.

Employee Engagement

This guide is to help businesses understand which behaviours can conserve energy, and how to encourage employees to adopt more efficient behaviours.

Carbon Jargon

This guide aims to help define key terms you may come across on your sustainability journey.