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SCC IO-Gen dashboard training

This session provides an introduction to navigating and using the IO-Gen dashboard to track and monitor your business' energy consumption through the course of the programme.



Supply Chains

Supply chains and climate change for SMEs

In this session, which formed part of the Southwark Climate Collective training series, experts from Temple Group examined the critical relationship between supply chains and climate change, why it's crucial for businesses to calculate their supply chain emissions, and approaches to evaluating scope 3 emissions.

Business Climate Challenge

BCC – Energy management

Watch the Mayor of London's Energy Management webinar for London's small businesses taking part in the Business Climate Challenge. This webinar will provide practical insights on energy efficiency, low carbon heating, renewables, and goal setting.

BCC – Building energy management system controls

Learn about building energy management systems and how they can help you to reduce energy across your business.

BCC – Actioning behavioural change

Create a plan for taking what you have learnt from the first two parts of this training back into your business.

BCC – Energy efficiency: behavioural change

Learn steps for practical action that you can take in your business to encourage positive behaviours around energy use.

BCC – Energy Introduction

Why do our behaviours matter when it comes to energy saving? How can creating positive behaviours make a difference and inspire others to take action.

BCC – LED lighting

Learn about LED lighting and how this can achieve energy savings and cost savings for your business.

BCC – Heat pumps

Learn about heat pumps, how they work and why they're an important part of the energy transition. Understand how they can bring energy and cost savings to your business.